Add elegant L.E.D. accent lighting to enhance your reception hall. It can have a dramatic effect on the overall mood of the event. Your guests will be “wowed” with the way your room looks with our uplighting.

Uplighting can light up your walls to make them “come alive”. It is one of the easiest, most economical ways to enhance your event.

Whether you are looking for subtle lighting or an all-out party atmosphere, Studio 3 can provide the uplighting for your event that will fit your personal needs. Uplighting can be used with just one solid color to compliment your wedding decor or a combination of colors can be mixed to provide a more upscale effect. Lights can fade from one color to the next, move to the beat of the music or simply remain in one solid color for the entire evening. Choose any color(s) of the rainbow to match your decor. During your cocktail and dinner hours, the subtle effect of uplighting can enhance the room with an inviting colored ambience. We can even light up your cake table. Once the dancing begins, you have the choice of keeping the uplighting subtle or having it move with the music.

The overall effect of uplighting varies depending on the color(s) you choose and how much of the room you want to light. We use only L.E.D uplights with a computerized system that can be synchronized to change colors simultaneously or in cool patterns and effects. Our lights are cool to the touch and use minimal power consumption so they won’t interfere with anything else in your reception room.

Choose how many lights you need (depending on square footage of room.) We can light up just the head table area or an entire room. With our par 56 300w lighting we can light up just the head table or fill your entire room with mood lighting. Choose your color(s) and we’ll do the rest. Price includes delivery, setup and takedown of lights. All necessary cords are provided.

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